Monday, August 15, 2011

My Chance Meeting with the Original "Frenchy" from the novie GREASE!!!

A few weeks ago my mom told me about a small tag sale at the Beth Ann Temple right around the corner from my condo. I went with no expectations but found in the 5 minutes I was there the musical album of "Grease" the movie.  I think I paid a dollar for it. Little did I know I would get a random call from one of my friends that the actress Didi Conn, "Frenchy" from the original movie was going to be at a showing of Grease at a local library. I jumped at the chance to meet her in person!!

I knew her better in Grease but I watched Shining Time Station with the Thomas the tank engine for years. George Carlin (R.I.P) used to be the conductor. I hopped into my car last Friday and jetted to Piermont, NY with my album hoping I might get her to sign it. Ohhh was I hoping!!

I arrived to a sea of people and everyone seemed so cool, calm and collective. I was a lil shocked. I asked if Frenchy was coming and they were like, "Didi? Oh yeah she's coming. You never met her? Ohhh she is a doll. I'm sure she'll sign your album!" I got a seat and then the clapping started. This smiling lady ran in to the full room with her Pink Lady jacket on! She still has her original jacket. hehe. Everyone she sounds EXACTLY the way she did in the movie!! She said her favorite part of the movie was the Frankie Avalon scene. She loved the wig. She said that John Travolta took them all to see a private showing of Saturday Night Fever before it hit theaters. She also said that alot of the movie was improv because they would walk around all day "in character" to get into the role! It was really nice hearing the lil details!! =)

Then the gentleman next to me raised his hand and said I had the album and she signed it immediately!! She said it hadn't seen one of these in years! I was so beyond happy!

"To Melanie, With Lots of love Didi Conn <3 "Frenchy" 8-5-11"

We all sat and watched the movie and then she came back for pictures! It was awesome!

She was such a nice lady to take our questions!

She still has the JACKET!!!

I didn't even realize I wore Pink! Frenchy and me!

What a fun night! I'm so glad I bought that album because now I have a great Grease memento! =) Thanks Didi!! =)

R.I.P Jeff Conway(Kenickie) & R.I.P Annette Charles (Cha Cha DiGregorio)

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Shannon said...

OMG - I'm such a Grease nut. Totally jealous of you.

And Rizzo was definitely my favorite. She was such a bad girl. Bahahahahaha.

Wendy said...

How cool!!! I love Grease - it's a timeless chick flick.

P said...

Awwww, Frenchy in person. So cool!!! And that she still has the original jacket - brilliant!

rachel said...

aww, how cool! lucky you :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

How cool!!! You always meet the most interesting and random celebs. I love it! :P


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