Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene….

{I don't know why blogger didn't post my post but here is my post from yesterday night!}

All within this past week there was an earthquake and now a hurricane coming. What the hell? Who pissed off who? Lol. I hope it doesn’t hit the area too badly.*Knock on wood* I was supposed to go up to Connecticut to visit my grandparents for my grandpa’s 89th birthday. I’m sad I will probably not make it but we’ll go next weekend but it’s been a while since we’ve been up there. He understands tho. CJ was supposed to go out to see his family in Long Island, NY and I doubt that’s happening either. Oh well…Irene you suck!

Tomorrow tho I’m in for something new that will make my life so much easier. A NEW COMPUTER!! I’ve been struggling with a Gateway laptop I’ve put up with for way too long. I don’t even have an “A” key. I’ve been pushing at a hole and hoping an “A” shows up on the screen. *Giggle Giggle* that sounds funny. I’ve decided to buy myself a MacBook Air. I know I really don’t need another credit card payment but I can afford it and it’s a necessity.  I just have to realize I have ENOUGH CLOTHES IN MY CLOSET! No excuses for buying yet another red or black shirt. No TJ Maxx and the mall for a while. Necessities only. Also I have plenty of great food choices home that I didn’t have work two hours at my job to pay for…no need to go out to dinner all the time. I can do this…

If the hurricane hits I’ll have tons of catching up time with my blog, my emails (all 2,550 unread ones), straightening up the condo, and maybe some quality alone  time with CJ. I also need to figure out a costume for NY COMIC CON. I’m going and definitely need to update my Harley Quinn costume and something else. The friend I’m going with is a size 5 and is doing Mystique from X-men in liquid latex…..uhhh I don’t have the money or the body to be THAT good but I can still rock it out somehow. Halloween is going to come twice this year…=) 

Work is almost done as I finish this quick post. I’m starting to “move in” sort of speak. I put my first picture on my cubicle wall.  I almost haven’t been personalizing my work space except for some poptarts, hand lotion, and candy in my drawer for some odd reason. I’m in for the long haul but I guess I wanted to be certain. You never know how the house of cards will fall. 

Be safe everyone if you are on the East Coast this weekend and everyone enjoy! See you soon!

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Lady Grey said...

Good choice! I'm sure you're going to love your new laptop.


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