Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It ALWAYS Happens in Three's.

That saying is so true. An earthquake, a shooting, and me taking charge....it's a lot to swallow. I honestly didn't feel the earthquake but with everything that's going on I just started laughing at my ignorance to the nausea feeling. I was buried in work and then suddenly people were like, "Omg did you feel that?" Nope. Just my own nausea and queasy stomach. Oh well...hopefully I won't catch it next time around again.

The girl who has been training me at my new job is leaving next week and I will be on my own to tackle a few challenging tasks each week. I knew she'd eventually leave but I thought I had more time. I guess I took advantage of my time with her and let her do all the heavy lifting per say.  Her goodbye party was today and the pressure came at me hard to fill her important shoes. Performance anxiety and panic has sent it. I hope it passes. I'm stuttering a lot again like I did when I first started the job because I was nervous. I have to calm down. It will be okay in time...I hope. Next week I'm going to be a mess because she's leaving Wednesday. I will have help if I need but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an easy transition. Wish me luck please!

And the third thing...In CJ's condo complex there was a shooting this morning. Some neighbor got fed up with his neighbor and opened fire. It is so abnormally quiet sometimes where he lives. I guess that's a good and bad thing. Bad because you would have no idea your neighbor wants to kill you but good because you'll hear the gun shots so you'll know to call the cops. The whole thing is fucked up but they got the man less than a mile from the complex, rhankfully.

What a ridiculous day. Seriously. 

What will tomorrow bring? Who knows...


Dancing Branflake said...

No way! He just started shooting? That is seriously nuts. Just nuts.

Good luck at the office. You will do great! Remember, they hired you for a reason.

Shannon said...


First, good luck at your job. You'll nail it!

Second, that is so scary about CJ's place. I'm so glad you guys didn't get hurt.

Susan R. Mills said...

That's awful about the shooting. But congrats on your new job. See...I missed that news too! Anyway, good luck with the transition.

Madeleine said...

Good luck with the job, I'm starting a new job soon and I'm really nervous so I feel your pain!


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