Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Seriously, did I walk on to a movie or what??

So did anyone know that it could snow about 3 inches in the morning then be freezing cold all day BUT then you can have a thunder/lightening storm with heavy rain around 5pm the same day?? OH just to spice it up it will also hail huge hail stones the size of mini marbles???? Apparently it can. I did not take that picture above btw. My 5 minute drive home from work started fine then bam heavy rain, thunder, lightening, then hail. Did I sign up for some disaster weather movie?? I know I put my resume online but did it secretly sign me up for the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow 2?" I can't believe it. Ironically when I parked my car I still had to shovel snow out of my parking spot so it wouldn't ice after it rained.

I know I said I'd have a giveaway today but things just got all screwy. This is a little too weird for me. I honestly feel like I'm in a movie. Somewhere there has gotta be a director calling the shots and a film crew setting this stuff up because come on! Too much stuff is going wrong.

Well first off I'm trapped in some weird weather movie, where's Jake Gyllenhaal when you need him?...Secondly, I've had a tooth ache all day. Apparently I somehow in all the insanity of my past few days the top of one of my teeth fell off. One of my back molars is missing it's top layer. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS HAPPENED!! So I'm in the movie "Castaway" too?? My dentist won't be in til Monday so I'm sorta stuck in pain unless I could maybe get him tomorrow with an emergency number. I have never had a tooth ache before. It hurts to no end. Luckily I had some viccodin from my surgery, but it's only dulling the pain.

The even funnier part about the tooth thing is that I went to the dentist this past Saturday....Yeah. I swear I did and they said I had a "Healthy Mouth". Well they missed something. I guess I could find myself a pair of skates?? Oh God never mind that. I just got a mental image. EEEEP!!!

Thirdly before driving home, when I turned on my car I noticed there was a lil light that came on, "Maintenance Required". I wish it could have said "What" needs to be done. So my car needs Maintenance, whatever that means. I'll have to put it on the list.

What is that movie with Britanny Murphy & Ashton Kutcher where EVERYTHING goes wrong? I think it's "Just Married". Or that movie, "RV" with Robin Williams where you name it, it happens. I don't know what's going on lately. Even the perfect song on the radio at the right moment to remind me how much me and the mess are over? What is this???

Fourthly, the two boys at my job are also kinda reminding me of the two evil stepsisters in the movie "Cinderella" because they are being very disrespectful to me. I don't have a cubicle, I just have a desk next to theirs. They are yelling and carrying on about sports or this or that hot girl or this trade to some team while I'm on the phone with customers. It's like the movie "Office Space: The Utlimate Edition". This tho I'm working on getting out of there as soon as possible.

*Just Breathe*

It's been one hell of a day. Just one hell of a day. One thing after another. And I have a cold too. Maybe I should play the lottery. It couldn't hurt. There's gotta be some silver lining somewhere. I need to have a word with this movie director. I really need to get my hands on the script so I can prepare better.

But I'm not out of the count. I'm going to try really hard. I mean it. I have to. Here's a song from the past that I think Truly fits right now. Chumbawamba- "Tubthumping".

My tooth really hurts. I will have a normal back to schedule post tomorrow to clear up this mess. I just needed to vent. Thank you for all that is listening. I really appreciate it. =)


Leah said...

Melanie, one day at a time, tomorrow will be a brand new day. Think positive.

The director knows the right script that will suit you... he doesn't want you to create your own script. He knows best so just trust him.

Secretia said...

See a dentist soon, you don't need that pain.
Things will start getting better tomorrow.


angel6033 said...

aww, girly I am sorry things are going so ......well wrong! I hope everything starts feeling more in place soon and that you can get your tooth fixed on the mean time try some painkillers! The weekend is coming you need the downtime :)

radiogael said...

Right, that's've been given an award. I love your blog my dear.

You can pick it up on my page :)

ambiguous_angel said...

your day is a movie.
and of course, you're the star.
so good luck with that.
especially with the tooth.
i hate when it hurts..

Nerdic.. said...

That movie with Tom Hanks is great.
X, fashionnerdic

Scientific Housewife said...

We have horrible weather like that but it doesn't include snow. It's crazy how it can be sometimes! Have a great Thursday!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

OMG! What a bunch of misfortunes all in one day! Well I pray that tomorrow will be much better for ya. Take care. =)

Nitin said...

sounds like you had a messy day . you really have a weird condition. i have never actually heard of something like this.. the top of your teeth actually came off.. the crown of your molar at the back? god that must hurt soo darn much.. how do you eat anything?? take care.. take some painkillers.

Barry said...

Wow Melanie! All I can say is that these things happen for a reason. Sandy and I went through a lot of shit last year, it was one thing after another and seemed endless. This year has been a lot better.

I know the coming year will bring good things for you, and I think you feel it too. And whenthings start to look up you'll appreciate them more because you'll look at all you went through and be proud of yourself for having the strength to face it. Hang in there, we're all in your corner.

And "yay" for the Zombie Chicken Award!!

Jaime said...

Hope you feel better and I agree- where was Jake!? :)

Badass Geek said...

We got 11 inches of snow followed by a few inches of rain. Yay for winter weather.

Hope things cheer up soon.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Good lord! LOL! You sound a bit frazzled. Poor thing. I hope everything is okay now. :)
I'm sorry about your tooth. That sounds dreadfully annoying and kind of scary. I hope it's nothing serious! Plus, if I were you, I would get your car checked out ASAP. More than a year ago, my car gave me the same warning. I ignored it for a week. Guess what? The day before I had an appointment at the car place, my engine burned. I had to buy an entire new engine, which was the same price as buying another whole car. It was a NIGHTMARE. So, not trying to scare you, but...just keep the car in your thoughts. :) I'm sure yours is fine though. Lol.

Couture Carrie said...

Hope your tooth feels better, darling!


Bathwater said...

Well in Michigan it can always snow, then hail then rain, and as far as movies they are filming to or three here in my area right now. You would be in the Red Dawn re-make or the movie about Jack Kevorkian.

Sounds like you need to be IN the tube soaking. I had an idea on how to get those boys at the office under control but you might not like the suggestion. It involves a low cut top.

OceanDreams said...

I hope your tooth ache goes away and that your cold goes away too, sorry about that sweetie! Well, with every bad movie there is a happy movie too. I know you will find your happy movie! XO!

woodlandsblonde said...

You'll be okay! Sometimes it feels like we're in a movie...or a bad dream. It's your choice to wake up! Maybe there's something else you can't "see" yet. You'll be okay, stay positive!

Girl in My Own World said...

AHHH, I LOVE this post!!! Girl. I cannot believe that you whipped out that office space in the end. I was sooooo going to say..."I am trapped in Office Space!!!" The weather things is a bit interesting although, I have seen it thunder and lightening in the snow. Sorry about your tooth... I hope that you are able to get that taken care of soon!!! Also, I totally LOVE Chumbawamba!!!! Brings back memories. Well, stay up girl!!! :o)

drollgirl said...

we need to put you in an entirely different movie -- a HAPPY one -- SOON!!! hang in there!!!

Keith said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your tooth. I hope you get that taken care of very soon.

It does sound like you've been in some sort of movie. Here we've had lots of rain and wind.

I hope this finds you doing better. Take care.

Tights Lover said...

That weather yesterday definitely was weird.

Sorry about your tooth. Try not to go all cast away on it though!!

You've reminded 'maintenance' light has been on for weeks. I've gotten quite good at ignoring it!!

Megara said...

wow your day sounds crazy! i wish it would snow here, but i could do without the thunder and hail...
xo meg
ps, i LOVE office space. and that's how i feel at work too :)

Toothfairy said...

eeks sorry about the tooth, too bad I'm not there to help you out!!!


Kristin said...

Dude that song is totally going to be in my head the rest of the day. AH ha ha. And please go to the dentist!

Barry said...

Well, I bet you didn't think you'd hear from me so soon. Yeah me either! lol

I think I may have posted this on my blog some time ago, but here's what Sandy and I went through last year:

-Sandy was in hospital three times in one month starting in January (for a finger caught in a car door, a broken ankle and a bad chest infection)
-I had a serious car accident in April, in which I lost my car and had to go through physiotherapy for months
-our downstairs bathroom flooded after a heavy rainstorm. Twice.
-my dad had a heart attack and subsequently a quadruple by-pass
-Sandy's mom died
-a friend in my club died
-I parted ways with someone I was very fond of
-then this past spring we had a cancer scare when they found two lumps in Sandy's breast
-for a while we were worried that Sandy might be facing unemployment

We made it through all this and I know you can too, Miss Melanie. Sandy mentioned this before but if you ever want to chat (or even just vent), either drop me a line at or click on Sandy's e-mail link in her profile.

We'd truly love to hear from you!



Hi darling, I've been so busy lately, sorry for the late response! Your blog is allways amazing

The Bible of fashion,

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Melanie! Some days are like that - when it rains it pours, why is that? Sorry about that tooth. Don't worry - as Scarlett said -'tomorrow is another day'!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind note, it is much appreciated!

bananas. said...

HAHA! i know the feeling.

i always feel like i'm in a movie. that or i'm being punk'd by ashton kutcher. people are crazy and i seem to be the only one who sees that.

sorry about your tooth. that blows chunks :(

Maha M said...

awww, just remember that the storm will pass.. feel free to vent this is your personal sace and we're here to listen.

Hope you feel better soon sweetheart

Meho xx

kirstyb said...

that weather sounds just awful! that would scare me xxx

PinkBow said...

hope you're feeling better soon :)

Heather Rose said...

Tooth aches are the worst. I'm so sorry. And as for the weather? I live in Alabama. That crap happens all the time, and Jake never shows up. :(

E.K. said...

Everybody needs to vent sometimes ;)

Pixel Wild Child said...

Sometimes all the disasters just come together! Hope the "storm" will clear soon babe! :O)


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