Monday, September 12, 2011

"We" is Now and "I" and I Have to Step Up to the Plate!

When I was hired at my new job in April I was still under the crutch of the last girl that was the marketing analyst. She was supposed to leave a year and change later. I've worked hard and she has tried to teach me how to do this position as smoothly and effiecently as possible. But now she has decided to change career paths a lil bit early and I will now be in that first chair spot ready to pounce at the next issue. Needless to say I have first day jitters all over again...BIG TIME.

I know I will go in there tomorrow morning bright and early, battle the Garden State Parkway traffic, and break a leg figuratively but I'm nervous. I know I will get the job done but the girl that left on Friday did the job so good. I need to do that job as good and better to make my lil footprint in this company. I have to step up to the plate and roll with the big boys. It is true that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, and it is equally as true that you have to have many mediocre jobs to prepare you for that big break. I've never been more thankfully to have worked at my last job for so many years. Without it, I don't think I would have the courage to go in their tomorrow with my head held high. Also my family and CJ...they are totally in my corner and I need them now more than ever! Yeahh...I can do this!!

I'm watching the movie, "Morning Glory" for a lil boost in motivation. It's a cute lil movie where a girl doesn't give up on her dream. She goes against adversity and saves the day! I need and will do that! Big breath, lots of water, and a smile on my face. Okay...tomorrow is going to rock!!

Wish me luck!! 


Dancing Branflake said...

You will do awesome! And Morning Glory is a great girl power movie. I wanted to conquer the world after seeing it. You are more than capable to do this!

Shannon said...


I'm sure you'll nail it!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Good luck, Mel! I'm crossing my fingers for you. xox

Melissa Blake said...

Melanie, you'll be awesome!!! Thinking of you! xoxo


Good luck, sweetie! I know you will be great. Let us know how it goes :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck...and you WILL rock it!!

♥ Shia

Cafe Fashionista said...

Good luck, Melanie! You are going to be amazing! :)


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