Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not Saying the "D" Word but Actually Seeing Results!

A busy day here and a busy day there. The clock will fly by and 5pm will come...but where did 12 go? The yogurt will help and the apple a day still will keep the doctor away. BUT as I keep forgetting to eat lunch these crazy days a weird occurrence will happen. Dinner will come and I will be so famished that it's almost a mania when I get home. I want this and that and maybe a lil bit of this and a tench of that. Ugh.  It's a vicious cycle that goes round and round.

However I caught on to it. As work got crazier, and as my hour lunch got depleted, I decided to start bringing lunch into work. Honestly it has been the most effective thing in my diet. I guess it's the control I now have. Yes, I control my car driving me to Panera and my willpower is my own to order the panini that I crave so much all the time, but the extra calories are just too much right now. Instead home-made pizza works, a sandwich I made with a normal amount of cold cuts, and oooo the right snacks. I think it's all paying off.

Technically I have not lost any weight but gained muscle and have certainly lost inches. My shirts are loose, the questions of "Hey are losing weight?" are starting, it's almost a normal habit for me to drink lots of water and tea, and I can definitely tell I have a lil spring back to my step. That sounds corny but it's true. I love going to stores and having clothes fit right, not worrying that the shirt is too tight or that the jeans are making a muffin top. I'll stick to my cupcakes. hehe. I actually allow myself to have 1 cupcake a week from my class. There is no use in depriving myself, because if I indulge a lil bit I won't want more than 1.

Seriously this is all sounding like Buffet Calculus. Some girl on Drop Dead Diva said that term and it is so true. If I eat this I can't eat that, or vise versa. It can drive a person crazy. lol. However little steps...they work...

Are you on a diet? Any tricks up your sleeve? 


Dancing Branflake said...

Well, no diets but I'm just cutting back, realizing I don't need that much food. Although, yes, I did totally go all out last weekend.

P said...

Where possible, if I'm dieting I try not to mix animal fats and carbs like pasta, potatoes. It is what works for me.

I told my friend about it (it's called the Harcombe Diet) and she lost seven pounds in the first five days.

Little Ms Blogger said...

That's great. I find if I need protein (loving Chobani greek yogurt with pineapple) it keeps me satisfied for hours. I'm also trying to get more fiber in and veggies. Switching sandwiches to salads that I make the night before and it's working like a charm.


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